Régates 2015

The International 5.5m key events are shown in bold green. Other local 5.5m regattas in plain black. The few 5.5m one-category events are for boat owners, which otherwise would not sail regattas at all; their timings are shown in blue. —-

Sprint Series, Sydney Harbour, 21st February

Australian National 5.5m Regatta, Sydney Harbour, 26th-27th February

The Sydney Regatta, Sydney Harbour, 7th-8th March

Ski-Yachting, Bernaise Alps, Gstaad, GYC, 8th March (tbc)

Oster-Regatta, Thuner See, Thun, TYC, 3rd-4th April

Alpen Cup, Lago di Garda, Torbole, CVT, 23rd-25th April < 5-Nations-Cup I >

Alpen Cup II, Mediterranean, Monaco, YCM, 7th-10th May (tbc) < 5-Nations-Cup II >

Willi Lehmann Preis, Langer See, Berlin, WSV v. 1921, 14th-17th May

French Open, Bretagne, Brest, GPEN, 14th-17th May

Memorial Jacques Faini, Lac Lemàn, Morges, CNM, mid May (tbc)

Int. Bodenseewoche, Lake of Constance, Konstanz, IBW, 28th-31st May { Ambition I }

Italian Open, location, club & date tbd

Bronia Preis, Alster, Hamburg, NRV, early June [Evolution only]

Swiss Open, Lake of Constance, location, club & date tbd < 5-Nations-Cup III > { Ambition II }

North American 5.5m Meeting, Lake Huron, Midland, MBSC, 12th-15th June

Attersee Evolution Cup, Attersee, UYCAs, 12th-14th June [Evolution only]

Norwegian King Oscar Open, Risoer, RSF, 20th-21st June < 5-Nations-Cup IV >

Belle Plaisance, Bretagne, Benodet, YCO, late June

Edmond de Rothschild, Lac Lemàn, Geneve, SNG, late June (tbc)

Sterling Cup with German & Dutch Open, Glücksburg, FSC, 2nd-5th July < 5-Nations-Cup V >

Summer Regatta, Risoer, RSF, mid July

Lissac Classic, Bretagne, Noirmoutier, CVBC, early August

Christian Hauvette Trophy , Bretagne, Benodet, YCO, mid August

Viaporintuoppi, Baltic Sea, Helsinki, SuPS, mid August [Wooden boats only]

Niesencup, Lake of Thun, Thun, TYC, mid August (tbc)

Tom Kyle Preis, Baltic Sea, Laboe, FKY/KYC, 21st-22nd August [Classic only]

Cup Regattas & World Championship, Baltic Sea, Nynäshamn, NHSS, 18th-28th August

Invitational Metre Class Regatta, Copenhagen, KDY, 4th-6th September

Coupe d’Azur, Mediterranean port, club & date tbd [to be realized earliest in 2016]

Sünnschien Preis, Baltic Sea, Niendorf, NYC/NRV, end September (tbc)

Herbstpreis Thuner See, Thun, TYC, 10th-11th October, tbc


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